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Foracort 200 mcg Inhaler




Foracort 200 mcg inhaler is commonly used to relieve symptoms of COPD and asthma-like shortness of breath, wheezing, chest tightness, etc. It is a mix of two medicines – Budesonide and Formoterol. It works by curtailing the inflammation in the airways and relieving tension in the muscles. Foracort 200 dose have to be used as prescribed and should not be discontinued unless it is advised by your consultant as sudden stoppage can result in worsening of the disease. Patients can order Fancort 200 inhaler cash on delivery from online med stores.

How Do Foracort 200 MCG inhalers Work?

Foracort 200 MCG inhaler works by the collective action of Budesonide and Formoterol. Budesonide is a kind of corticosteroid drug which on inhalation lessens airway inflammations in a dose-dependent manner, thus decreasing the likelihood of worsening asthma.

On the other hand, Formoterol acts on the airway tract muscles. In the presence of inflammation, these muscles cause the contraction of the airway resulting in breathlessness. Formoterol loosens these muscles, thereby stimulating the opening of the airway and thus soothing breathlessness. Buy Foracort 200 inhaler online to cure your airways issues.

Directions for the use of Foracort 200 MCG inhalers

One has to take Foracort 200 MCG inhalers exactly as instructed by his/her doctor. Discuss with your pharmacist or doctor if you are not sure. Rotacaps should not be swallowed. It would be good to place capsules into a rotahaler. Go through the instructions on the label before use. Do rinse your mouth with water after each use to prevent any further infection in the throat and mouth. Some med stores allow you to order Foracort 200 MCG COD overnight in case of emergency.


Suppose you accidentally overdosed on Foracort 200 MCG. In that case, you might feel symptoms like headache, nausea, palpitations, vomiting, increased blood glucose, increased heartbeats, low potassium levels, and change in the momentum of the heart. To avoid such situations, do not purchase Foracort 200 inhaler without prescription or adjust dosage quantity by yourself.

Storage and disposal of Foracort 200 MCG inhalers

After you order Foracort 200 online, look for instructions on how to keep this medication safe from getting damaged by going through the medicine storage description column on the respective site. Generally, it is best to store Foracort inhalers below 30°C in a dry and cool place, protect them from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture. Please keep it away from pets and children. Do not use damaged or expired medicines. Dispose of any unused medicine carefully, do not flush it in the toilet or throw it into the drain.

Contraindications of Foracort 200 MCG

  • If you are allergic to any elements or excipients of the Foracort 200 MCG inhaler.
  • If you are undergoing acute breathlessness as seen in an intense attack of COPD or asthma or cases of a collapsed airway

Report to the doctor immediately if you see any white patches in your mouth or encounter any discomforts or develop new symptoms while having this medicine.

Side effects of Foracort 200mcg Rotacaps

  • Nausea, vomiting.
  • Stomach discomfort.
  • Body pain.
  • Coughing, sore throat.
  • Hoarseness of voice.
  • Respiratory tract infections.
  • Fungal infection in the mouth.

Foracort 200 side effects may go away within a few days; if not, then talk to your doctor about it.


There are many uses of Foracort inhaler in the case of breathing problems in adults. However, it would be best to get yourself diagnosed properly to find out the core reason for your breathing issue before you start Foracort treatment. Foracort is available internationally; one can buy Foracort MCG USA to USA without facing any delivery issues.

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