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Foracort Inhaler – 6/400 mcg




Foracort Inhalers encompasses active ingredients, Formoterol Fumarate 6 mcg, and Budesonide 400 mcg. Uses of Foracort 400 inhaler include treatment of COPD, asthma, lungs information, constriction of airways, and allergic conditions. You can buy Foracort inhaler 400 online from all the leading pharmacy stores and medical supply stores. You cannot buy Foracort 400 without a prescription as it can be purchased by doctor’s prescription only.

CIPLA, India, is one of the prime leading pharmaceutical groups which produce Foracort Inhalers 6/400 mcg. One can purchase Foracort USA to the USA as this drug is also available in foreign countries.


Foracort 400 Inhalers are available in numerous strengths and substitutes, but this drug should be consumed under doctor’s supervision only. Discuss with the doctor about the frequency and dose. The Foracort 400 dosage should be carefully monitored by the health care expert you are visiting, as the age and severity of the illness differ in each patient.

It would be best for the patients to take Foracort Inhalers at the same time with a meal each day to avoid an upset stomach. One should not take smaller or larger drug amounts than Prescribed. This medication may cause some issues when given to expecting and breastfeeding women. Hence, Foracort 400 should be used cautiously in breastfeeding and pregnant women.


General instructions to use Foracort inhalers include: inhale two puffs of Foracort 400 MCG Inhaler four times a day. Your doctor may adjust dosage according to your current health condition. It would be beneficial for patients to follow their doctor’s exact instructions for the usage and dosage of this medication. This way, patients can receive fruitful results from Foracort 400 MCG Inhaler effects on their body.

If you feel like taking more drug content than prescribed for your condition to have a better effect, this means you may be suffering from a severe problem, and you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.


Shake the Foracort 400 MCG Inhaler properly before each use. Press down once on the inhaler to send out the medication, breathing in through your mouth, and keep a hold on your breath for 10 seconds. One must repeat the inhaling process until he/she has inhaled the recommended number of puffs suggested by the doctor. After that, use clean water to rinse your mouth thoroughly and spit it out immediately to prevent your mouth from getting an infection.


Many reputed medical supply stores, pharmacy stores, pharmaceutical companies sell budesonide-formoterol inhalation online. One can also order Foracort 400 cash on delivery. As a buyer, always check the customer reviews about the seller company.

After receiving your package, do check the expiration date of the medication. Check if the package is being delivered in good condition or not. Poor quality medication can cause severe side effects on consumption, so be mindful while choosing a seller company and means of package delivery.


After purchasing Foracort inhaler 400 online, one must contact the doctor to clear out any doubts regarding the dose, strength, and time of the medication. While taking Foracort 400 inhaler, one must consume smaller and more frequent diets and drink plenty of water and other fluids. Keep the medicine out of reach of children.

To maintain good hygiene, one should wipe out the mouthpieces of inhalers regularly with a fiber-free cotton/tissue cloth. To prevent outer dust from sticking on inhalers, one must put a cover on the inhaler’s mouth by using a cap on it after each use.

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